Theta Healing And How it Works

Think of yourself as a highly complex super computer: From your hardware; your body, to your software and systems; your mind and belief systems, to the electrical impulse surging through your circuits; your soul.

Theta healing is like the ultimate computer hacking technique that allows you to take your beloved computer; yourself, to the computer mechanic for a complete overhaul. After all it was The Mechanic that designed the system and put the computer together.

Yes, you guessed it, The Mechanic is God, or Source / The Creator Of All That Is / Allah / Brahman etc. What Theta Healing allows us to do is assist in directing the loving energy of The Mechanic / The Creator/ in various ways to bring about instant healing of not only our physical hardware but all other sub systems and programs that are running behind the scenes without us even realizing it.

The term ‘Theta’ takes its name from the type of brainwave that is activated whilst using the technique and connecting to The Mechanic, or “Creator of All That Is” the term Vianna Stibal, the founder of the technique prefers.
Once using the various methods and techniques of Theta, we can access even the smallest and most intricate physical issues that we have. And arguably, more importantly, we can start to clear outdated programming or beliefs that we may have inherited, learnt or created, that lead to the ‘problems’ that life may be bringing to us to learn from.

And as we all know: if one piece of our computer is out of whack, whether it be a hardware or software problem, the whole system misfires.

Now imagine a highly complex super computer existing in various energetic planes and dimensions simultaneously…

Yeah that’s you.

Welcome to Theta Healing