Manifesting From a Theta Healing Perspective

I often see the term ‘manifesting’ more and more nowadays, it’s certainly a word doing its fair share of work in the spiritual and ‘woke’ communities. And with the raising of global consciousness, I see it almost as much as I see yoga pants for sale.

But what exactly is ‘manifestation’ and can I have that new Ferrari just by thinking hard enough about it? Sadly, the answer is no, and simultaneously; you might not even need it.

Manifesting is the painting of our daily canvas with the paintbrush of our thoughts. Every day we are given the present moment, blank and full of possibilities, and it is through our thoughts that we dress our day with reality.

Unfortunately for us because we are such complex beings operating on so many different levels at one time, it’s not just our conscious mind that is throwing oil paints Jackson Pollack style onto our canvases, but the vast mysterious realm of our subconscious as well.

What this means for us is we first need to identify what processes and thoughts we are projecting into our universe, often without us even realizing it, and then address and change them as they no longer serve us.

There are various spiritual practices that help to shed light on those deep hidden recesses of our mind, the more intense Yogic and Buddhist practices perhaps, and so with Theta, through the love of Creator we can start to identify these impulses of creation; those learned, inherited and created, and then finally we, as a co-creator with the Creator, we witness the positive changes in the highest and best way. Which is a very important step as we don’t want to rewire ourselves into some funky situation!  Any Theta technique is only ever executed through the highest truth of The Creator.

The next time that irritating neighbour pops by again to say hello, remember it was your thoughts, perhaps your unconscious dislike of his cologne, that brought him by with a few cold ones.

So wherever you are and in any situation, remember it was you yourself that painted that situation into existence, on some level…

Eye opening and LIBERATING…