No more Eating Disorder


I have been struggling with an eating disorder for about 7 years, I never thought that I could live normally again, until I met Gizella. The eating disorder became a part of my daily life, it was a part of me, also I could not eat, food made me nauseas. During the session with Gizella, I admitted my eating disorder to her, which was a miracle.  Working with Gizella, I discovered the relationship between my emotions and my eating disorder, and we cleared all of the negative feelings I had dealt with for many years; the feelings of vulnerability and feeling not good enough, feeling unlovable and ugly.  Today, I can eat normally and regular meals, food doesn’t make me nauseas anymore.  I see myself as beautiful just the way I am and I feel lovable.  I thank Gizella and Theta Healing for helping me completely transform my life from the inside out and finding the root of the eating disorder. Now I am comfortable with my body and every part of myself, especially who I am today. I feel strong and powerful, like a rebirth