Gizella provides a variety of services, classes and programs to fit your individual needs. With decades of training in psychological methods, Theta Healing™and other healing modalities, as well as her experience as a professional athlete and cancer survivor, Gizella is extremely passionate of providing coaching and healing services based on her expertise in this field.

She has worked with thousands of clients and can tune in to bringing blind spots to awareness, obstacles to light, and she will guide you to the solution to enhance your health, performance, and life.

Transformational Healing

Gizella works intuitively to address your healing journey holistically by working on your mind, body and spirit. Her main modality is Theta Healing™, a short visualization meditation that connects you to the Energy of Creation by using the Theta Brainwave. The theta state opens the gate to the subconscious mind and to its hidden information. It is the subconscious mind that all beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and suppressed emotions, shock and trauma are stored.

Through "belief and energetic work”, a root cause of an issue can be identified and transformed with conscious awareness.  This way one can align the conscious and subconscious programs for deliberate creation of the desired outcome. 

When destructive and outdated limitations (from childhood, ancestors and or past lives) are released and transformed, physical alignments, relationship issues and financial issues can disappear. 

Most Common Benefits of a Transformational Healing Session:

  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Improved relationships and more abundance
  • Instant healings, weight loss, more vitality
  • Increased awareness of life purpose and direction in life…
  • And so much more!

High Performance Coaching

Gizella’s aims to help athletes unlock their potential from the inside out, so they can step into their greatest self and perform at their optimal level. The importance of mental and emotional strength cannot be emphasized enough in high performance athletics. By identifying and releasing hidden and actual blocks, Gizella can facilitate athletes to tap into their unlimited potential of oneself. When this happens, athletes’ performance heightens in a more joyous and effortless way.

Not limited to athletes, Gizella coaches all of those who want to excel at the highest level in their chosen field. For high performance coaching, Gizella incorporates various tools into her Theta Healing™ sessions, depending on individual needs, such as breathework, inner child work, future self-viewing.  

Most Common Benefits of a High Performance Coaching Session:

  • Improved confidence and sharper focus
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Ability to deal with distractions and pre-performance anxiety
  • Identification of the hidden reasons behind choking
  • Experiencing Zone States more frequently
  • Consistent high level performance
  • Faster, if not instant, recovery from injuries.