Gizella “Gigi” Turbok knew she was a born healer since a very young age. However, she was unable to understand how to transmute the energies that she was feeling around herself. At a very young age she was introduced to tennis, which she feel in love with right away. She found some energetic release and lot of joy in playing tennis and soon enough, she became one of the top junior tennis players in her native country, Hungary.  

Following her dream and passion, Gizella played 2 years of professional tennis and then came to the United States to play college tennis with great success, where she became a 3 time MVP, Player of the Year and an NCAA All-American Student Athlete!

Gizella’s love for sports and her fascination for mind-body connection and healing, lead her to complete her Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology in Miami, Florida. Following that, she worked as a full-time tennis coach and mental coach at Intensity Tennis Academy (CT) and then at Advantage Tennis Academy, (CA).

However; she knew something was missing from her life. Constantly looking for more effective ways to help her athletes and a deeper quest for spirituality, she began her journey into a variety of various forms of healing modalities, including Reiki, NLP, Pranic Healing, Akashic Record Reading etc., to become a Master Healer in every aspect of the mind, body and soul.

Despite being very health conscious and applying various healing work on herself and others, in 2013, Gizella found herself facing a sudden growth tumor into a Stage IV ovarian cancer. After two surgeries and several death sentences given by doctors, Gizella decided to refuse chemotherapy and take her healing into her own hands.

Through faith and strong determination to heal, and trying many different natural healing modalities, Gizella was led to Theta Healing™.  After completing various courses in this modality, she knew that she had finally found the missing link to true healing and transformation. While using Theta Healing™ on herself, she was able to find the reasons behind the physical symptoms, and could also release old energetic/emotional/ancestral stagnations from herself.

This led to complete remission of the cancer! She completely defied the odds of surviving, and her healing of cancer is nothing less than a living miracle.

Today Gizella is happy, focused, determined and cancer free! She not only healed her body of the cancer, but now this is her true calling… helping others realize their true potential and greatness!

She is now on a mission to bring awakening to people worldwide and teach them all the ways to live a happy and joyous life. Her clients and students have been reporting outstanding results in their health, relationships, finances, athletic performances and well-being.

Her life’s motto is:

“As a former professional athlete and cancer survivor, it’s now my mission to help people discover their true essence and greatness.”

~ Gigi